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Become an LDI Curricula Assistance Provider (CAP)

CAPs are independent coaches which guide believers through competencies found the LDI curricula, in a variety of contexts such as church workshops, mission-team retreats and small-group cohorts.

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Scope of ministry for a CAP

CAPs are strategic ministry partners who use the LDI Curricula to provide a robust academic alternative to traditional seminary classes.

CAPs are focused on serving individuals who wish to upgrade their passion for ministry with a verifiable assessment of their skill and knowledge that can be used for formal academic evaluation.

CAPs act in a coaching capacity to help students sequentially explore, reflect, and respond to key ministerial lessons. CAPs can provide coaching individually or in a group setting and may meet participants either online or in-person. CAPs are required to hold a graduate degree, be in theological agreement with the LDI statement of faith and may come from a diverse range of ministerial and professional backgrounds.

CAPs are designed in response to the need to have regionally qualified leaders who can assist busy professionals pursue needed holistic formation.

If you are interested in becoming a certified CAP, please contact us to learn more about the process, practicality, and potential.


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