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We are partnering to train, retain, and mentor workers for cross-cultural ministry, with an eye on the Global South

More than 65% of the world is closed to traditional missions and missionaries today are struggling to effectively engage a rapidly changing world.

Life Development International serves churches and individuals who want to be more effective in their commitment to the Great Commission. LDI provides training through the use of the official LDI curricula and have alumni from North America, Africa, and Asia. LDI is registered US Non Profit 501 C(3) organization.

What We Do
Life Development International provides training in missions leadership and church planting. The training is provided primarily in SE Asia. We provide training for new and veteran missionaries and assist in missions philosophy formation and execution while on the field. LDI is designed to sharpen ministry skills and has plenty of content for both new and veteran missionaries alike.

Who We Are
Our team is multi-cultural with personal experience in a variety of cross-cultural contexts. More than theory – the teaching team has personal stories to back-up concepts taught in class. This helps you, the participant, to move the academic concepts into practical truths.

While non-denominational in organization, the LDI curricula is influenced by a historically Baptist tradition. At LDI we believe the Bible is the basis for the work of the Great Commission. Accordingly, the material taught reflects this theological perspective. Our team has trained hundreds of pastors, church workers, lay people, and missionaries and is 100% backed-up by a supportive board of directors.


A Closer Look

With a focus on Asia, LDI facilitates a variety of cross-cultural projects and partnerships.

e-Quip: Leader Mentorship
E-Quip provides distance education and leadership coaching to pastors and workers in developing areas, especially those who face travel restrictions.

E-gen: BAM for Gen-Z

E-gen mentors next-gen believers to become influencers who can competently address business, social, and spiritual needs of a changing world.

The Epistles Project

This initiative encourges Bible memorization, including all the Epistles of the NT, with the encouragement of an online facilitator!

Local Church Assistance

LDI ministers to local churches to train and strengthen believers with the goal of deep roots and rich fruit for the glory of God.

Project Hope for Refugees

Sharing the burden of those who have fled their homelands, LDI has a history of encouraging and assisting refugee families in need.

Community Outreach

We partner to assist foundations, institutions, and healthcare providers, LDI provides assistance to worthy organizations in SE Asia.


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