Cross-Cultural Ministry Coaching

At the core of our ministry is a heart to prepare those serving or exploring cross-cultural service opportunities.

LDI trains believers to be more effective in global missions. We know that expectations are high and that visions, goals, methods, and ministries change over time. To help you survive, and even thrive, LDI offers an intensive training program that provides insight into areas relevant for both new and veteran workers.


LDI prepares and coaches pre-field and veteran cross-cultural missionaries by providing a superior program for cross-culture workers in Southeast Asia. LDI’s program serves those going and those administering international missions programs. LDI trains believers to be more effective in global missions. We provide both individuals and groups with short training programs and on-going coaching for ministry implementation.

Premier Training

Headed to the field? The LDI training program has been designed and developed to provide practical training.

Delivery Format

The coursework is designed in an online coaching format (contact us if you want in-person). The training is relevant for multi-cultural settings, with a special focus on Southeast Asia. Our certificate program is designed to challenge richly and encourage both the seasoned servant and the aspiring student.

Prepare to Serve Abroad

Our training team lives and serves in Southeast Asia. Our trainers have seen what works and what does not work. We have seen trigger points for success and failure in the church-planting environment. As we seek to pass this on, you will have a chance to place these lessons into the context of your calling.

Step by Step

From the introduction through the last lesson, we bring you on an intentional path of learning and discovery. We have a step by step approach to training you. This includes both the foundations of ministry as well as the personal dynamics of team ministry.

When you join the premier LDI training program, you become part of a coaching/mentorship process designed to serve you in an intensive format. The training has been customized to prepare you better for life and ministry abroad.

Relevant Training

Our sessions are designed to “hit the nail on the head.” From visas and culture shock, to church planting and family stress, we seek to minister to you in a fresh and relevant way. Refined over years of use, the material is regularly updated for a rapidly changing world.

Join with the others who from around the world have become part of the LDI family.

Specializing in Asia

LDI is able to provide insights into missions in Asia because our trainers live in Asia. We have experienced first-hand the nuances of culture in formal interactions as well as in daily life.

Pre-Field Missionary Training

  • What will you do about your children’s schooling?
  • What about visas and shots?
  • What language path will you need to take?
  • How will you “start” a church?
  • When does the church have its first baptism?

LDI provides training in several critical factors of cross-cultural missionary life and ministry.

Some of the topics in our training program include:

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