The Ten-Region Challenge

To address our post-pandemic ministry expansion, we have segmented our work into ten regions. To meet the increased ministry expenses, we are roughly dividing the increased expenditures into ten equal portions for practical purposes.

Our ministry trains, equips, and provides on-field education for the body of Christ, especially in developing nations. This is important because by one account, there are 3 million pastors around the world needing training! For people serving in India, Philippines, Nepal, Thailand and other emerging locations, this kind of ministry is life changing!

Regions 1-5

Regions 6-10

Today more than 90% of Asia does not know Jesus. We trainbelievers (local and foreign) for ministry in cross-cultural contexts that look far different from traditional North American communities. 

We do this through support – mostly individuals who believe in what we do and give regular contributions.

The Current Need

LDI is experiencing an exciting chapter of ministry that is focused on ten key ministry regions.  While these ten regions are not a complete list of the nationalities we work with, each region has individuals we have come to know and serve personally.

We are raising our target for each region by an average of $3000. Some regions will use more resources, while other regions may use less.  THIS IS NOT FOR SALARY, but to cover expenses (such as travel expenses).

We want to build upon foundations already started and you can help us.

If you would like to help our ministry budget by adopting a country in whole or part, read through the country list below and follow the link for the one you are lead to help with. Perhaps your family, Sunday School, small group or business would like to join in the adoption process – that is fine. Pray for what the Lord would want you to do!

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