The Ten-Region Challenge

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Most of the world is not open to traditional missionaries. And right now, more than 90% of Asia does not know Jesus. LDI trains and prepares a variety of believers (local and foreign) for ministry in cross-cultural contexts that look far different from traditional North American communities.

The Current Need

As Asia continues to reopen , LDI is preparing for an exciting chapter of ministry across ten key ministry regions.  While our reach goes beyond these ten regions, our present initiative is for the training and mentoring of leaders and shedding the love of Christ in very specific recesses where we have existing connections at various stages of partnership.

To accomplish this vision, we invite you to join as a special partner as we increase our ministry budget. LDI is mostly supported by individuals who believe in what we do and give regular contributions.

While these ten regions are not a complete list of the nationalities we work with, each region has individuals we have come to know and serve personally.

By dividing the work into 10 main regions, we are seeking to increase our ministry budget for each region by an average of $3000. Some regions, such as our hub in Thailand, will of course use more resources, while other regions (such as Myanmar and Sri-Lanka) may use significantly less. So, while all campaign funds go into the ministry fund, this campaign very tangibly represents the work ahead.

We want to build upon foundations already started and you can help us.

If you would like to help our ministry budget by adopting a country in whole or part, read through the country list below and follow the link for the one you are lead to help with. Perhaps your family, Sunday School, small group or business would like to join in the adoption process – that is fine. Pray for what the Lord would want you to do!


#1 Cambodia

Partners and believers in Cambodia are near and dear to LDI. Pre-pandemic ministry for the Cambodia region included training of mission workers, leader mentorship, field visits and even hosting Cambodian believers in Thailand at the regional LDI home. The partners and believers are doing a great job and we are honored to serve them as they do the work of the ministry with zeal and integrity.


#7 Philippines (North)

#2 India

A country rich in history, diverse geography and culinary choices, India has experienced rapid church growth in recent years. With an initial training of key church leaders who came to Bangkok in 2017 through the Asia Leadership Institute, LDI has continued to serve pastors and church planters representing several hundred churches. The need for pastoral care and continuing education of overworked ministers and their families will continue to be of special interest and concern for LDI for the foreseeable future.


#7 Philippines (North)

#3 Indonesia

With over 17,500 islands, Indonesia provides a heart-stirring challenge for those who seek to unselfishly love their neighbor. This tropical country is blessed with a warm and friendly culture. LDI has been blessed with both local and expat bi-vocational Christians in the country and seeks further opportunity to minister to them.


#7 Philippines (North)

#4 Malaysia/Singapore

Malaysians and Singaporeans are extremely mobile. LDI is preparing to integrate training through short retreat opportunities to a region where followers of Jesus remain very much in the minority. 


#7 Philippines (North)

#5 Myanmar (Burma)


Opportunities are endless when it comes to serving pastors who face many challenges. Burmese believers are found both within Myanmar and as in various locations abroad such as Malaysia and Thailand. Resilient and committed, believers, who are often members of tribal people groups, continue in the faith traditions of Adoniram Judson. Much work in developing bi-vocational and lay leadership remains and LDI is actively pursuing options to encourage and establish a sustainable path for bi-vocational local leadership.


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#6 Philippines (North) & Taiwan


Northern Philippines is not only the location of the bustling capital of Manila, but it is also where the LDI curricula was first taught. This region continues to be of great importance to the work of LDI, especially for connecting with and training college age believers for cross-cultural life and ministry.

LDI first provided training to Word of Life Taiwan in 2019 and looks forward to more training to those representing the Mandarin speaking country which is geographically located north of the Philippines.



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#7 Philippines (Central & South)

Far from the big city of Manila, central and southern Philippines is home to key partnership churches and leaders who are passionate about the Great Commission. Since the Philippines is composed of a multitude of islands, there are natural logistical considerations for team travel and ministry in Central and Southern Philippines. Ministry in this region is focused on the islands of Negros and Mindanao where opportunities for church workers training and workshops for equipping the youth to engage in cross-cultural ministry will be the primary focus.


#8 Sri Lanka/Bangladesh/Nepal

Three distinct nations with diverse challenges, all three countries live in the shadow of the emerging superpower of India. 

Though limited in current outreach, there is potential for further collaboration with this region. LDI has fostered a variety of connections over the years.


#9 Thailand

The infamous “land of smiles”, and metro-Bangkok in particular, has an endless supply of adventure and opportunity.  A country that is less than 1% evangelical is estimated to currently have a doubling of Christians every 12 years. As many believers are first generation Christians, great need continues for believers to be established in accordance with II Timothy 2:2 model. Thailand is also a great meeting point for believers and leaders from neighboring countries that are less friendly to the Gospel to join short modular trainings or retreats. A variety of partnerships in Thailand make this region an opportune location for continued ministry in 2023.

Home cross cultural

#10 USA

2022 Spring Campaign

As the United States continues to struggle with many pressing needs and social issues, LDI believes the Lord is still at work in the lives of His people. As LDI’s Next-Gen material portfolio grows, so does the vision to provide a relevant training framework for those with a global passion for missions and the growing need of multi-cultural ministry within the USA. Ongoing discussions for increased ministry stateside is shaping the ministry profile and LDI is excited to be part of the building of new cross-cultural ministry opportunities.

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